By purchasing a NOBLEX / Docter / Zeiss Jena product, you have opted for durability and the best quality. Should you nevertheless need help, NOBLEX's technical service will be at your side quickly and reliably.

Please send your defective device together with this completed form, a copy of the invoice / proof of purchase and the completed guarantee card to our address:

NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH
Customer Service
Seerasen 2
98673 Eisfeld

If you have any technical questions, please contact the customer service team:
tel: + 49 (0) 3686 688 9020

Download service order form (PDF)

In the case of a warranty claim, we will repair your product and send it back free of charge.
Please understand that we can only send your defective device by shipment can receive it.

If our cost estimate is rejected and the unrepaired device is returned, we will charge €25.00 for the cost estimate (plus shipping costs and VAT).

The repair will be carried out by us in the Typically completed within 2 to 3 weeks of receipt of repair approval.


For the service of our binoculars product line from DOCTER and CARL ZEISS JENA, please contact:

Optics service Torsten Schilling
Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Schilling
Am Mühlenbach 32
18233 Neubukow
Tel: +49 (0) 38294 988228

Please note - the company Optikservice Schilling does not accept warranty repairs.

Service hotline

Free telephone advice and support at: +49 (0) 3686 688 902-0