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IPSC mount for NOBLEX sight

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The mount, which has been rigorously designed to fulfil the requirements of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) shooting disciplines can of course also be used in any other disciplines where red dot sights are used. This mount was tested during its developmental phase with several tens of thousands of rounds, and is very universally applicable. Unlike conventional mounts, the IPSC mount, a solid aluminium all-metal construction with a blackhard-anodized coating, is not mounted onto the slide of the pistol, but is instead attached to the side mounting holes of the standardized C-More mount, enabling the shooter to attach the mount themselves without much effort. The NOBLEX IPSC red dot sight is mounted as low as possible over the slide to maintain the best possible line of sight along the top of barrel. This results in less point of impact deviation at various distances, eliminating the need for correction, especially in IPSC shooting. A rigid mount just above the slide has several major advantages. Because the sight does not move with the slide, the shooter will never lose sight of the target while firing and can thus place the next shot more quickly. The forces that normally act on the sight after each shot no longer occur with this type of mount. A significantly longer durability of the mount, and of the red dot sight itself is thereby guaranteed. The red dot sight is mounted using the so-called "Docter/NOBLEXFootprint", a mounting with which all NOBLEX red dot sights can be mounted, and which has also become the standard for other manufacturers.

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